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The Relationship Book:
How Men & Women Fit

Have great relationships

Rocking new science about how to connect better with your partner, siblings, kids, parents, friends, and colleagues based the science of the 3 Brains theory and it is demystifying that we are from Venus and Mars. So no excuses anymore :-) 


I wonder if you ever heard about the 3 Brains theory; the logical Head Brain, the “US” connector Heart Brain, and the ‘ME” survival Gut Brain. This last one the killer of every relationship if it is in command.

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Hypnotherapy Training

If you have a desire to help others people to succeed, and a passion for improving the well-being of yourself and others, then our Clinical Hypnotherapy is the training course for you! Recognised by all associations and health insurance companies. 

Our (advanced) diploma-level certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy is the only one that combines NLP therapy with the 3 Brains Theory. 

Just imagine research shows that Psychology has a success rate between 15-47% and the success rate of our Hypnotherapy with clients is above 70%. 


3 Brains Preference Test

Objective: having an overview of your personal preference for decisions and action.

Are you more dominated and guided by your Head, Heart, or Gut Brain?

There is no right or wrong... more of a guidance on how you deal with your objectives, relationships, and priorities. 

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Certification Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certification Clinical Hypnotherapy
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