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Unravelling The Mysteries Of The 3 Brains Theory

Christoffel Sneijders - Unraveling The Mysteries Of The 3 Brains Theory In this captivating episode of iRise Conversations, host Joan Nwosu and Christoffel @christoffel01 discuss how to take control of your life with the power of the 3 Brains Theory.

🌟 Together, they explore the profound concept of three interconnected brains - the Head Brain for intellect, the Heart Brain for relational emotions, and the Gut Brain for success, achievements and well-being.

💭❤️🍽️ 💡 Discover how these brains work in harmony, shaping our thoughts and behaviors, and gain insights into harnessing this knowledge for personal growth and self-awareness.

🌠✨ 🤔 If you've ever wondered about the hidden depths of your mind or experienced that gut feeling guiding you in life, don't miss this thought-provoking episode of iRise Conversations! 🎧🍿

Don't miss out on this informative and engaging podcast. Listen now at

Enjoy, and love to hear from you.

Cheers Christoffel

Christoffel Sneijders MCC 3 brains coach  author of the book Relationships? Which Brain is Talking?
Christoffel Sneijders MCC 3 brains coach

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