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Connecting the Pieces... in mental health.. there is a solution

The 25th of March in Texas face to face the amazing workshop at the Texas Coaches Coalition retreat:

Part of the answer will be shared!

How can we as coaches - without becoming therapists - deal with mental wellbeing as this is becoming more and more common to be brought to us by our clients?

According to a new national poll from CNN and the Kaiser Foundation, Mental Health has grown to be an outsized problem, with 90% of Americans saying it is now a crisis.

It is almost every day in the news #burnout especially now Jacinda Ardern is stepping down as PM from New Zealand after 6 years as she shared it is too hard to juggle all the balls.

The good news, the path to the solution....

The groundbreaking neuroscience of 3 Brains Head, Heart, and Gut Coaching is at our side to coach our ourselves and our clients on this.


In our Head we have awareness of the past and the future, and in our Heart and Gut Brain we always live in the present.

Meaning that we do not have to go back to the past but can coach our clients on how the Heart and Gut would like it to be from now onwards instead of how it is.

Secondly by aligning our 3 Brains we can solve issues as burnout, anxiety, depression etc.

We combine theory with exercises.

Learning Outcomes of this workshop:

1 Upon completion, participant will be able to identify the Brains Language:

which brain is talking and influencing the mental wellbeing?

2 Upon completion, participant will be able to implement and use inquiry

questions 3 Brains related, integrating them in their coaching practice

3 Upon completion, participant will be able to distinguish which of the 3 Brains are dominating, willing to change or are stuck and are stopping to achieve the desired wellbeing of a client

PS it is jammed packed with amazing speakers Ann Betz, Cheryl Close, M.Ed., Marie Wehrung, Jerry Fu, Patricia M. Porter, Meg Rentschler, MSW, PCC, Deborah Harris, Cecilia Stråhle Engquist, MSc, PCC, Ryan Brown, PhD, Susan Schoning, Stanley Ward, Ph.D., Kelley Russell-DuVarney, MA, PCC, Jennifer Britton, MES, ACTC, PCC, CHRL, CPCC, CPT, Janeen Antonelli, Ed.D., PCC, ITCA, Mina Brown, MCC, CNTC, Coach Educator, Executive Coach and Ellen Zimmerman, PhD SPHR PCC BCC CDTLF

read more and register with this link

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