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Executive Coaching Christoffel Sneijders

Executive Coaching


We believe that coaching is about enabling the excellence of you, the coachee.

Our personal and professional roles are usually very different, but the resources we use in these roles originate from the same source.


We work using the holistic concept that all our different life roles influence each other. The weakest link in the chain can negatively influence the others. It doesn't matter whether you call our methods coaching, therapy, or mentoring, what's important for us is that we support you as an executive or manager.

The most important objective for me is:

How can I support you in your ambition to excel?

Business and Executive

The right combination of soft and hard skills 

We believe that managers and executives who put people first and run a strong operation are seen as real leaders by their employees. Meaning aligning your Head, Heart, and Gut Brain. 

Great products or services and the teams that create them are at the core of personal and business excellence. An essential component of high-performing teams is a leader who is a savvy manager, a visionary leader, and a caring coach.



The way I see my role as a coach is perfectly described by Eric Schmidt (ex-CEO of Google) in his book, Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Handbook of Silicon Valley's Bll Campbell:

“To be successful, companies need to have teams that work together as communities, where individuals integrate their interests and put aside differences to be individually and collectively obsessed with what’s good and right for the company."


Since this doesn’t naturally happen among groups of people, especially high-performing, ambitious people, you need someone playing the role of a coach, a team coach, to make it happen.

Your Coach 

Christoffel Sneijders PCC 

The passion for understanding “why we people act/think/feel as we do” and “how can we change ourselves to live the life we desire” has been the main driver for my personal development and that of others. 


The people I work with see me as an innovative, unconventional, multidisciplinary expert, who will utilize his persuasion skills to motivate, inspire, and challenge you to transform and personally develop to reach your goals. 

Furthermore, as a subtle provocator, he will bring passion, enthusiasm, bravery, authenticity, empathy, and versatile knowledge to the table in a unique trustworthy setting for one reason alone: That we can live your dream and reach our objectives.

On this moment I am blessed with more than 32 years of experience working in the business world as an executive coach (ICF PCC), Supervisor for coaches, and therapist with more than 1700 days of training, coaching, and team coaching activities, 2750 hours as Coach or Mentor in face to face sessions, over 1700 hours in Clinical Responsibility and over 300 hours as Clinical Supervisor.

I know how to assist you! 

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