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success, teamwork, DEI, happiness, health, and wellness have one common denominator

3 Brains - Head, Heart and Gut - Alignment

christoffel sneijders

I help you to unleash your inner core so that you can align your 3 Brains and work and live from your true and authentic purpose, strength and qualities and live your ambition.

What really separates people who are flourishing personally and professionally from those who are consistently miserable is how they interpret, process and act on the circumstances of life.

Welcome to the 3 Brains Academy
the path for Personal and Leadership Excellence

for when you deserve excellence 

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1. We need our Heart Brain to be connected to others and work as a team


2. We need our Gut Brain to run the extra mile and take care of ourselves 


3, We need our Head Brain to think it through and create logically the best option.

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What can we offer you? 

Business Meeting
Cheerful Business Meeting
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3 Brains Leadership Coaching

The main difference between having success or not is based on if you are able to utilise all your resources.  As an ICF MCC coach you have the best coach you can wish to establish your goals.

Leadership & Management

Having the right people is one, having them passionate and thirsty for doing what they do is a totally different thing. 

It is actually combining the Heart and the Gut what is requiring different skills and different techniques let us assist you.

3 Brains NLP for Sales teams 

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is known for its powerful techniques to help you achieve success.

The 3 Brains Theory is the latest science behind forming better connections with people based on the principles of the logical Head Brain, the relational Heart Brain and  the survival Gut Brain.